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Nov 3, 2012 11:00pm PDT
final hours. so, how close is the polling? today's numbers from reuters. president obama with a one- point lead. president obama with a one- point lead. and today's numbers from another poll, a tie. >>> you can sum it up simply as this. as far as the national vote goes, it's close. and with outcomes likely resting on about five to nine states, it's all hands on deck tonight. both candidates, their spouses, running mates, all crisscrossing ohio, wisconsin, iowa, virginia, colorado, florida, nevada. and it's gonna look like this for the next 48 hours. >>> the convention was tonight. despite deadlocked national polls, mitt romney faces a tougher road. here is his closing plea to the crowd in englewood, colorado. >> we journeyed far and wide in this great campaign for america's future. now we're almost there. one final push is gonna get us there. we got a lot of short nights and long days, and now we're close. the door to a brighter future is there. it's open, waiting for us. i need your vote, i need your work, i need your help! walk with me! let's walk together! let's start anew! thank
Nov 18, 2012 11:00pm PST
, president barack obama and secretary of state, hilary rodham clinton are near mirnar. they say his trip is not an endorsement of the government but the progress that the country has made towards democracy. >>> a $10,000 reward is offered tonight on to find the suspect in a crime spree. 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks was caught after a series of robberies and police chase and a carjacking a tempt that left a man dead. >> at 9:00 i heard not continuous gunshots but maybe a little one after another with time. >> saw the victim's father up in the front. and he was still in shock after finding out that his son is had been shot in front of the 7/11. >> his alleged accomplice is still on the run. the award money is offered in -- offered for information for the arrest. >>> the 24-year-old was shot last night as he sat in the car with a woman on ivy drive. the suspect's took the woman's purse and ran in separate directions. that is the third shooting in that neighborhood and the second homicide since june. >>> a sad anniversary for many bay area families tonight. 34 years ago today, 34 members of
Nov 24, 2012 11:00pm PST
, president obama did his part by hitting an independent bookstore in virginia. >>> the truth is, though, small businesses need a lot more attention than just one day a year, but on this day, the mom- and-pop stores will take all the attention they can get. here's more on the big small saturday. >> reporter: if things went as well this year for many small businesses as they did last year, well, then, small businesses did okay. of course, that's the idea between small business saturday. between black friday which this year got a head start with thanksgiving sales and before cyber monday comes still another campaign. small business saturday. why? >> it means a lot, because these days we get lost in the shuffle to some degree, especially with the online presence and so on. >> reporter: generally small businesses can't complete with big business discounts. there are other good reasons to shop at a small business. >> people will come into a small store, usually operated be i the owner or people very close to the business, so we'll handle each customer as if it's our only customer. >> reporter
Nov 10, 2012 11:00pm PST
fiasco of 2,000 but florida has declared obama. 29 more electoral votes for president obama. the difference was just 74,000 votes. that's less than 1 percentage point. >>> well, think of it ags one more reason to keep your accounts balanced. >> the district attorneys are renting out their stationary to these collection goons for a piece of the action. >> bounce a check and a letter could come your way. why consumer advocates say it's a bad deal. >> i heard this growl and i thought he was going to though me out of this chair i was sitting in. >> not an ordinary day in and palatials. a quake rattles their home. >>> high temperatures across the bay area today, average up to 11 degrees below normal. now, how low will it go tonight? the frosty pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. the [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that'
Nov 4, 2012 11:00pm PST
press shows president barack obama with an edge but there are 83 votes in six states that could go to earth candidate. they are the so-called swing states. it is in these six states where they are focused this weekend ark long with the runningmates and their wives. both campaigns realizing it will be close. danielle knotting ham with the spreupt -- knottingham with the sprint. >> reporter: stevie wonder ... [cheers and applause] >> reporter: the president followed by singing the praises of his supporters. >> i need you, ohio. >> reporter: ohio is just one of several battleground states both candidates visited on sunday. >> if the president were to be ree electricked he would -- [booing] -- it is possible but not likely. [ laughter ] >> mitt romney traveled to iowa and pennsylvania where he is cutting into the president's lead. the election is so close that the president even joined president bill clinton in new hampshire which holds just four of the 270 electoral votes to win. >> reporter: both are predicting a win but the polls show a tight race with no clear favorite. >> reporter: p
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5